YOU LOOK SO PERFECT STANDING THERE IN any of the clothes you are wearing because you are beautiful and anyone would be lucky to have you

5 Seconds Of Summer at The Orange Lounge - April 19, 2014.

5 Seconds Of Summer at The Orange Lounge - April 19, 2014.







*matty healy voice* don caw it a fie when u know its a woh

wif nuffin but ur tshirt own

go seet on da bed cuz u know u wan oo

ya got pree eyes buh i kno ya wronge

Whai u tawk so louh

uh oh ma cah smells li chocleh



Mountain Easter hike

As an angst ridden teenager, I would climb out of my bedroom window and walk noiselessly through to woods, beneath branches and through bushes, until I reached this spot; a collection of rocks on the edge of the world.  This is my home dear followers.

The mountains are calling my name.

michael clifford hair timeline 2012-2014

altpress: :-) #aptakeover

altpress: :-) #aptakeover

Dylan Sprayberry being a total cutie (x)

things are getting pretty damn serious with me and him and im so scared because ive moved to the other side of the country and i dont want things to be complicated and i dont want him to have more struggles in his life because of me and i just ah i dont want to make it so hard but i like him so much and it hurts